Track your true investment performance

Portfellow shows your true investment returns that your broker doesn't. See your performance including dividends, currency fluctuations and more all in one place.

- Easily identify the top-performers and non-performers

- Know how each instrument contributes to overall performance

- Consolidate private and holding company views

Portfellow covers

all asset classes

Our aim is to cover all asset classes so you would get a comprehensive overview of your whole portfolio and its performance.

Single stocks

Listed stock market companies in Europe, US and Asia

Index funds

Listed index funds in Europe, US and Asia

Bonds & loans

All types of fixed income instruments like bonds and loans

Real Estate

Real estate and loan agreements associated with the property

Cash & equivalents

Cash accounts, cash equivalents and money market funds

Crypto assets

More well known crypto currency assets through exchanges


We work with your favourite banks and brokers

No more juggling multiple accounts or scrambling to gather scattered data from different sources. Portfellow seamlessly integrates with your bank accounts and brokerage accounts, effortlessly importing and syncing your data.

- Securely connects to your bank accounts

- Integrates with Interactive Brokers

- Enables import from other brokerages


Investment reports for more detailed overview

Portfellow gives you detailed reports for you to be on top of your investments. Asset allocation, periodic transaction overview and future cash-flow reports to help you make more knowledgeable decisions.

- Overall Asset Allocation Report

- Transactions Report

- Future Cashflows Report

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